Brand Development



We are creating award-winning, well defined fixed and flexible assets which provide a strong foundation for your brands' culture, mission, and marketing campaigns. Our focus is to give your brand the best tools to succeed.

We offer design for corporate branding, personal brands, events, trade show, and special campaigns. We consult and design for print, display, and package design.


See your product or service as your customers do.


Translate and design a unique visual language


Speak to your audiance, and tell your story


Market and internal research gather information, evaluates, and interprets data affecting your brand. It is the opportunity for us to collect information on behaviors, perceptions, motivations, competitive intelligence, brand category structure, and cycles concerning your target audience and how you fit into the equation.

It’s crucial for an organization to be able to see itself as its customers do. A truly strategic process must incorporate an outsider’s perspective.


Our qualitative research methodology uses in-depth projective interviews with key target groups. We’ll figure out where your competitive advantage is: where does your offer intersect most naturally with what the audience needs?


Quantitative support for our qualitative research can also be brought to bear on key questions that might emerge.


We are discovering the story within the data and now we are pulling it together. We begin the process of organizational alignment turning words on a page into real-world behaviors. We are making decisions from every point of view to include your goals, performance, and availability within your marketplace. Our strategy process will empower everyone in your organization to use your core values to make independent decisions. It has the capacity to unify the brand experience and enhance an organization’s ability to deliver on its brand promise.


Design involves translating this information into a unified brand. We generate creative concepts and define voice, look and feel. This is where your brand comes to life beyond what you have imagined. Your brand is rolled out across your website, program, and other initiatives.

Your brand encompasses a unique visual language that will be used across all touch point mediums that will communicate your goals and purpose in the marketplace. Once we establish your brand mark, messaging, architecture, and integrated design systems we can begin the development of your touch points.


Content is everything! What do you do, and why should people care? We will work with you to ensure that your copy and content is clear and concise. Our process will determine how your brands culture will speak to your target market, and define your environment.


Your web content has the power to attract the right people. We are crafting compelling content that is relevant, and optimized, while helping your clients understand what you are.


Brand Awareness vs. Engagement: It is generally agreed that the most important aspect of social media is Brand Awareness, and the quality of the conversation. As your social media team, we are creating engaging content while telling your story.


Designing ad concepts that capture the attention of your target audience requires the development of effective messaging. We are working with you with every effort in mind, from a new product launch, new location announcement, promotional campaigns and more.


Your marketing materials are optimized and made informative. It is a great tool for communicating your brand’s purpose, and offerings. We will design, write and engage our promotional product partners for the highest quality products.


We believe in good design that has a competitive advantage. We are considering your competition, research results, legal requirements, goals, functions, and structural design. We handle your design needs and collaborate with engineering experts to satisfy the brand’s promise based on customer needs, and behaviors; with functionality in mind.


Your interior and exterior environment can be a major attraction for your marketplace. We collaborate with our architectural design team to create a functional space that conveys a compelling experience.


Your signage is your mass communication identifier that operates twenty-four hours a day and can enhance the experience of your marketplace. We will manage your sign development process to benefit your brand continuity needs; keeping with zoning constraints, and permits requirements.


Our company is unique in that we have a team of manufacturing specialist that can stream line your product manufacturing process. This opportunity has allowed us to simultaneously develop your brand, strategize, engage your target market, while maintaining efficiency within your production process.


One of the most unique cultures of The Branding Hive Agency is our Community Factor! We become part of your village. Long term relationships are always our top priority, so if you succeed we succeed. We have a library of resources available to our customers, making our business relationships a well invested one.